U.S. Navy Police Car Program

M8 Interceptor has been working with key personnel within the United States Navy to supply emergency vehicle outfitting services in compliance with CNIC standards. The standard Navy package includes the vehicle graphics seen in the image below, as well as the following list of options:

  • Exterior Light Bar
  • Siren/Speaker/Light Control Box
  • Front LED Flashers (Clear)
  • Rear LED Flashers (Red/Blue)
  • Front Grill LED Lights (Red/Blue)
  • Rear Interior Deck LED Lights (Red/Blue)
  • Console System
  • Electronic Dual Gun Rack
  • In-Car L3 Mobile Data and Digital Video Recording System
  • Full Partition Cage w/Sliding Window
  • Steel Window Bars
  • Reflective Graphics Package
  • Equipment Installation Package

To guarantee the success of the Navy program, M8 Interceptor has teamed with GSA approved contractor GTSI to provide digital data and video recording systems. Using L3 Communiciations mobile equipment, M8 Interceptor can ensure that your agency will recieve the most up-to-date and high tech equipment currently available.

GTSI Corp.

2553 Dulles View Drive, Suite #100, Herndon, VA 20171-5219
Phone: 703-502-2001  Website:  www.gtsi.com

Federal Tax ID: 54-1248422 / Duns: 10793-9357 / Department of Defense Cage Code (Registered CCR): 8Y261

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