Equipment Options

M8 Interceptor has developed a standard equipment package that guarantees our customer's cars will be outfitted with only the highest quality, most reliable, state-of-the-art equipment available today. We will outfit your vehicles with our standard package, or any customized variation thereof, and will do so in a timely and efficient manner so that the vehicles will be back on the street quickly.

Our standard M8 Intereceptor package includes the following items:


  • Custom Console
    • Installed custom console includes two power ports, mounting brackets for additional equipment, cup holders, and a fold-down, adjustable arm rest. Unused bays are covered by fill plates, and the console includes a secure mounting system for the optional mobile data computing solution.
  • Offender Cage
    • Rear passenger compartment security barrier is steel re-inforced and includes removable plexiglass window with sliding pass-through.
  • Window Bars
    • Steel Bars mounted in both driver and passenger side rear doors.
  • Gun Rack
    • Electronic locks secure standard issue long rifles or shotguns, and can be set to open via a control box with 8 second delay, or via a keyed override.
  • Speaker
    • Speaker with mounting brackets, capable of handling up to 100W of power.


  • Graphics Package
    • Exterior graphics package can be custom designed for a new, unique look, or can be applied subject to agency specifications. All graphics are 3M certified, full-color, and reflective to ensure high visibility.


  • Grill Lights
    • Red and Blue colored LED grill lights attached to the front of the vehicle with brackets.
  • Flashers
    • Two clear LED Flashers mounted to the front of the vehicle, with one red and one blue LED Flasher mounted at the rear.
  • Light Bar
    • Super LED's arranged into a roof mounted light bar with colors to specification. Package includes exterior LED alley lights and take-down lights.
  • Deck Lights
    • Interior mounted rear deck lights in two colors (red/blue).
  • Control Box
    • Versatile, 8-button light control box includes 3 toggles, and siren control.


  • In-car DVR
    • Mobile-Vision Flashback 2 ™, manufactured by L3 Communications, provides solid-state video recording along with an integrated server supporting Digital Evidence Pro (DE Pro) software.
    • Concurrent Recording Capabilities
    • File Transfer
    • Wireless Automatic Firmware Updates (DEP and DET users only)
    • In-Vehicle Incident Classification
    • GPS Module Included
    • TRACE Feature
    • Pre-Event Recording
    • Compact Flash Card
    • Advanced MPEG-4 Compression
    • User Identification
    • Digital Video Authentication
    • External Triggers
    • Vehicle Battery Friendly
  • V-One All-In-One Computer
    • No separate montior and display! This is a single integrated unit, much more powerful than it's predecessor and less expensive too!
    • Removable 120 GB Solid State Drive
    • Intel Dual Core i7 (Mobile) Processor
    • 4GB RAM
    • Internal WiFi/Bluetooth
    • IP 64 rated for liquid and dirt contamination
    • MIL-STD-810G tested for shock and vibration
    • IR touch screen – eliminating the scratch-prone film of capacitive or resistive screens
    • 5 mm shatter-proof glass screen
    • GPS with WAAS, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
    • 12.1” LED backlight 1200 NIT sunlight-readable display
    • R/W CD/DVD drive



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